Proposing is a time to proclaim one’s love. As Ash puts it, it takes a strong person to get down on one knee and pop the question. It’s what makes it a real proposal. “Get down on your knee, and stay on your knee until you’re done with your speech,” she adds.

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Being down on your knee is very “humbling” and will make you extremely “vulnerable.” And in this case, you want to be vulnerable. You’re professing your love!

But more than that, it’s plain, old sexy to ask her on bended knee. Standing while handing a woman an engagement ring is a major NO.

If they’re not down on their knee, sorry. It wasn’t a proposal.

This is a really sensational and unforgettable event in your life together. Every guy should know his future bride better than anyone on this earth, so deciding the where, when and how should be pretty effortless.

“The times that are the most emotional for me, where I might shed a tear, are where I feel like my client really nailed it in knowing their partner and making the moment of their dreams,” Ash reveals.

If you follow your heart and sincere intuition, you can’t go wrong. Above all, Ash recommends keeping it classic and romantic. The simpler, the better, in her opinion.

To every guy out there: You should be sentimental and focus the entire plan around the love you both share now and forever.