New York City is crowded. Perhaps you’ve seen a picture of a clean, empty Brooklyn Bridge – unfortunately, this is not what it looks like at all hours of the day. The best time of day is when there are not too many people around, crowding your pictures. This is even more important than perfect lighting, since a great photographer can get a beautiful photo in any lighting scenario. We can always shift the lighting, but it is much harder to crop out a series of selfie sticks!

What is the best time of day to propose in NYC

We will provide you with an insider’s list of the best (non-touristy) romantic places where you can go after your proposal for brunch, dinner, cocktails, or even just to relax and enjoy the city. Check out this post for some ideas.

Where can we go after the proposal

Absolutely! No matter where in the world you are, you can book a consult with me for proposal ideas, strategy and overall planning to ensure your day goes perfectly.

I’m not proposing in NYC, but I need help, can you help me

There is no right answer! We would love to get to know you and your future fiancé's tastes so we can help determine the uniquely perfect spot for you. In the meantime, head to my blog for some ideas!

Where is the best place in NYC to propose

Proposal Planning

I get asked this question nearly every day! Fortunately, we have never had anyone decline a proposal. The answer has always been yes. A good rule of thumb is to know the answer will be “yes” before you propose.

Does anyone ever say “no”

Once you are ready to lock in the service, we will set up a call for a planning session to get started brainstorming ideas. During our session, we will show you pictures and links to locations, we will strategize and scheme up the perfect proposal concept for you and your loved one. Everything will be set up for you, so that all you will have to do is show up and propose! Contact me to get started!

I have no idea how I should propose. Where do I start

Rooftop sessions are all 1hr. All public sessions are 30min with an extension option. The amount of time in your package is outlined on each package.

How much time do we have for the proposal and photos in the different packages








Absolutely! We've curated a diverse selection of stunning rooftop venues for your perfect proposal. You can click here to browse through our gallery to see all the options available. Each venue offers its own unique charm and breathtaking views to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Can I view all of your rooftop location options


Choosing Your Package


  • Minimum 30-min photo session* 
  • Personalized proposal game plan 
  • Approximately 100 edited photos to treasure your moment 

Easily compare our tiers to pick the perfect package that’s right for you! Optional add-ons are listed on package pages before checkout.


  • Minimum 30-min photo session*
  • Personalized proposal game plan 
  • Approximately 100 edited photos to treasure your moment 
  • Rose petals or full roses laid out in a heart shape depending on season or location.
  • Live musician accompaniment
  • Videographer

*Central Park & Waterfront location packages include 30-minutes with the option to increase your shoot time. All private rooftop packages automatically include an hour session. 

Elevate your proposal with live music, playing 3-4 of your favorite songs. Choose from an acoustic singer/guitarist, violinist, or jazz saxophonist.

Musician | $375


Capture your magical moment from every angle with videography services, creating a treasured keepsake to relive over time.

Videography | $750

Extend your proposal with an additional 30-minute photo session, capturing even more precious moments of your special day.

Add 30 Minutes to Your Photo Session | $300

Enhance your proposal with the romantic touch of scattered petals, adding an extra layer of beauty to your unforgettable moment.

Scattered Petals | $350

Set the stage for your romantic proposal with a stunning Double Heart arrangement, featuring scattered petals inside full roses shaped in a heart, accompanied by the warm glow of candles.

Double Heart with SMALL AND LARGE Candles | $850

Celebrate your engagement with a bottle of Moet Imperial Champagne, served in elegant flutes for that perfect toast.

Champagne | $175

Declare your intentions loud and clear with our 3ft or 4ft Marry Me signs, an unforgettable backdrop for your proposal.

Giant Light up sign | $950

Set the stage with a giant heart arch made of flowers, accented with candles and real flower petals.

Giant Silk Heart | $1,675

Enhance your proposal with a 2-foot "I <3 YOU" sign, heart-shaped petals, and small candles for a romantic and memorable moment.

I <3 You Sign with heart petals and candles  | $750

Upgrade your experience with elegant gold candelabras.

Gold Candelabras | $450

Elevate your proposal with a dazzling 3 ft "Marry Me" Golden Sign that adds a touch of glamour and romance to your special moment.

Gold Marry Me Sign | $800

Illuminate your love story with the enchanting "Marry Me Cursive Light Up Sign," adding a romantic glow to your unforgettable proposal.

Cursive Light Up Sign | $400

Add a touch of radiance to your proposal with our "LOVE" Light Up Sign, casting a warm glow on your special moment.

“LOVE” Light Up Sign | $400

Elevate your proposal with a Simple Heart arrangement, featuring your choice of heart-shaped petals or full roses, adding an elegant touch to your unforgettable moment.

Simple Heart | $300

Transform your proposal into a cherished memory with a 12-picture frame aisle adorned with your custom images, celebrating your unique love story in every step.

12 Picture frame aisle with your custom images | $250

Express your love in full bloom with the "I <3 YOU" silk flower sign, a romantic addition to your proposal that will last a lifetime.

I <3 You Silk flower sign only | $475

Add a touch of holiday magic to your proposal with our Christmas Decor Set Up, creating a festive ambiance for your special moment.

Christmas Decor Set Up | $650

Upgrade your proposal with the timeless charm of a heart-shaped full roses and small candles, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Simple heart Full roses with small candles | $350

Elevate your proposal with a double heart made of full roses, scattered petals, and small candles for an unforgettable moment of love and light.

Double Heart with Small Candles | $650

Enhance your proposal with heart-shaped petals and small candles for a romantic ambiance.

Simple hearT petals with small candles | $350

*Available for Rooftop only.

*Available for Rooftop only.

*Available for Rooftop only.

*Available for Rooftop only.

*Available for Rooftop only.

*Available for Rooftop only.


All the time! We also do proposals for women who want to propose to men. Whoever wants to propose and get married, should! Love is love!

Can I hire an outside vendor to work with the AFP team


Unfortunately, outside vendors are not allowed. We trust our team to do an amazing job planning and capturing your proposal. 

Do you photograph proposals for LGBTQ couples


We always strive to secure the location of your choice, however, the availability may vary based on factors like the date, time, and any unforeseen circumstances such as weather. In the event that your first choice isn't available, we'll work closely with you to identify an alternate location that's just as beautiful and fitting for your special moment. Read More about this policy in our Terms of Service

Are the locations guaranteed



Absolutely! We have scoured the city for the best private locations that are perfect for proposals. From private rooftops to terraces to luxurious hotel suites, we have something perfect for your intimate private proposal.

Do you offer private spaces where I can propose

That's fantastic! We're more than happy to work with your pre-arranged plans. Our goal is to help you create the perfect proposal, and if that includes a specific location you've already planned, we're on board. We can adapt to your location and help tailor the proposal to suit the setting while still ensuring it's an unforgettable experience.

What if I have a private event or have already planned my own special location


While we understand the importance of your preferred date, we cannot guarantee it at the checkout stage. We strive to accommodate your desired date, but final confirmation depends on a variety of factors including availability, location, and the specifics of your selected package. Rest assured, our team will work diligently to ensure your proposal is as close to your preferred timing as possible.
Read More about this policy in our Terms of Service



That's perfectly alright! Our team is here to help guide you through the process. With our experience and knowledge of stunning locations in and around the city, we can work with you to find a location that resonates with your personal style and story. Feel free to discuss your preferences, whether you're drawn towards a park, a rooftop, or a unique spot, and we'll assist you in choosing the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable moment.

What if I don't know which location is right for me


I understand that weather is very unpredictable in NYC, which is why we always create a “Plan-B” option together. This might mean changing the time/date, or switching to an indoor location. In some instances we have no choice but to go through with the proposal because, at the last minute, it has rained or snowed. In that case, I photograph the moment to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, the Rooftop Proposal Package does not always allow for rescheduling since the venues are so in demand, but most of the options have indoor spaces available and awnings. If it rains, we can still capture the proposal outside before you both head indoors and celebrate with champagne. Read More about this policy in our Terms of Service

I want to propose but I’m concerned about the weather. What is your weather policy

Logistics & Policies

Rooftop 1 | Iconic Romantic Empire State Building Views

The Rooftops

Rooftop 2 | Majestic Terrace: Picturesque Freedom Tower Views

Rooftop 3 | Luxurious Garden with Church Background

Rooftop 4 | Skyline Glam: Sweeping NYC Skyline Views

Rooftop 5 | Classic Empire State: Unforgettable Views of the Empire State Building

Rooftop 6 | Cosmopolitan Oasis: Intimate Proximity to the Timeless Empire State Building

Rooftop 7 | 360 Sprawling Views of New York City Rooftop

Rooftop 8 | Wraparound Views of Both the Chrysler + Empire State Building


Rooftop 10 | Old Word NYC Charm + Freedom + Water tower views


We use all top of the line full frame portrait cameras and always have backup equipment with us.

What kind of camera do you use

Proposals are my full-time job and passion, but we can photograph anything. We are often hired by fashion companies and corporations to photograph their events and headquarters.

Additionally, we photograph love in any form – whether you just started dating or want some nice photos to celebrate your anniversary, vow renewal, wedding or elopement.

Do you do other types of photography outside of proposals

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